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 About the procedure:

 Keratin hair straightening

Beautiful silky and shiny hair is the key to confidence and good mood. You can use the most expensive shampoos, conditioners and other products, spend an hour a day with a brush in front of the mirror, but you still can't get the perfect result. Modern technologies come to the rescue, which amaze in their simplicity and effectiveness, while guaranteeing the effect for a long period of time

How does keratin straightening work?

Keratin straightening is the saturation of the hair with useful nutrients, which leads to the restoration of the damaged structure and straightens the curl. The procedure is based on the use of the beneficial properties of keratin. This is a special protein that our body needs to build hair and nails. Not enough keratin - nails and hair have an unhealthy appearance, break. If, for one reason or another, there is a deficiency, for example, due to improper nutrition or as a result of exposure to stress, an aggressive environment, the body has no other choice - it has to demonstrate clear consequences

Аre there any contraindications?  

Such "resuscitation" is a highly effective method that will help to restore your hair's attractive appearance for 3-4 months, and in some cases even longer
Contraindications to hot procedures are: pregnancy, lactation, cancer, individual intolerance to the components

Why choose Keratin Factory?

We work with trusted brands that are manufactured in Brazil. Among them are Happy Hair, Natureza, Maxx Blowout and others.  The procedure is performed carefully and in compliance with certain standards, so it takes about three hours.  The longer the hair and the more problematic it is, the more maintenance is required. Each composition provides its own individual approach. Therefore, do not worry if the master does the procedure differently from how you did it before.  The masters were trained by the best world brands, which is confirmed by the relevant certificates.  Your hair will have a natural and healthy appearance After the procedure, you will receive competent recommendations on how to properly provide professional care

Master of keratin straightening


Hi, my name is Polina, and I would be happy to be your master
I’m master technologist, who’s working in a sphere of hair restoration about 5 years. I was studying with the best products and technologists from Russia and Brazil
Thousands of girls had grown and repaired the length with me and my procedures
Text me if you have any questions 


Didn't find the answer?

How to distinguish a good master from a bad one?


  • Wash the hair after the procedure
  • Selects the procedure by hair type 
  • Will advise professional care 
  • Natural and healthy looking hair


  •  Let go with the procedure on the hair 
  • Will do whatever you say, no matter what 
  • Recommend shampoo from the mass market 
  • Does not retain volume, risk of burning hair

A good master works on expensive and high-quality compositions, appreciates his professionalism and your hair

Логотип Jesus Keratin
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Логотип Jesus Keratin

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